The Best Kept Secrets About Social WiFi Marketing

Nowadays, almost every venue offers access to the internet via their own WiFi network. Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, shopping centre, airport or another type of business, it will tend to have a wireless connection that will give the public the opportunity to get online quickly with little effort. However, many businesses have yet to discover the power of social WiFi marketing.

Capturing customer demographics and marketing products or services in various ways, this modern technology has proven to be invaluable – no matter what your business has to offer.


What is it?

Being able to access a WiFi network via a smartphone or a laptop within a retail location is something that’s been around for several years now. However, many businesses still have to give customers a password for the WiFi, resulting in them losing a potential profit.

If you have your own network however, you’ll be able to ask customers to connect to the hotspot either by filling out a form or by using their social media account to access it.

Even though collecting information through a form can prove to be beneficial (as you can use it to target them in the future through email marketing), requesting that they access it via their social media account opens the gates for a cost-effective and highly targeted digital marketing opportunity.

By signing in via their Twitter or Facebook accounts, the customer will indirectly provide your business with a ton of demographic information. You’ll be able to see their contact information, full name, customer’s location and so much more. Through this, you’ll be able to retarget them either through the social networks themselves or via a survey or email.

Top Benefits

Not only will you be able to improve the ways in which you market your product or service to your customers, but you will also be able to connect with them and understand their overall needs better. This will, in turn, make your marketing techniques far more personal and custom to them – resulting in an increase of customer engagement and long-term sales.

Top Secrets of Social WiFi Marketing

Although many are aware of the ways in which social WiFi marketing can increase customer engagement and retention, some are not aware of the following benefits. ‘Secrets’ and tips that you can use to your advantage, it will help to boost the effect that your social WiFi marketing has.

The Impact of Customer’s Locations

Many businesses don’t harness this information to the full. When marketing through social WiFi, you can collect the information on the customer’s locations and use them to understand how the specific locations that they are visiting influence each other.

Do certain customers visit multiple locations? If so, you’ll be able to cross promote venues by offering customers incentives at the first location to visit the second. This is particularly useful if you are partnered with another business or you have businesses that are in different industries.

The Impact on Your Local SEO Ranking

When a certain number of customers visit your location and use your WiFi, within the Social WiFi marketing you could encourage them to leave your business a review via social media or on Google.

From this, along with, if they check in at your business, your local search ranking score will increase. Helping your business’s website to climb up and receive a higher ranking on Google, it will start to gain traction within your industry. A helpful SEO tool, it is key to getting more customers to your site over time.

You Can Rapidly Grow Your CRM

By asking for information, you’ll be able to add your customer’s names, contact information, demographic and behavioural data to your business user database. This will help it to potentially grow from thousands to millions of active customers in no time at all.



Utilise Digital Coupons To Stand Out

Many businesses increase their branding presence by using the above method. And although these are undeniably effective at increasing customer engagement, there’s no reason why you should only stick to this technique. An extraordinary method you could use to your advantage is offering digital coupons that are only accessible via WiFi.

Helping your business to stand out from the crowd, it helps to increase customer retention whilst giving them a bonus prize. Once they log into your WiFi, you can then redirect them to a specially-designed URL which gives them the opportunity to access and redeem a digital coupon. By making this only accessible once they have logged into the Wifi, it will make them feel more special.

This method is key in turning a visitor at your store into a paying customer. For example, they could have had a product sitting in their basket for a while, but as it’s expensive, they’ve been putting off buying it. If you offer them a coupon, they will be more likely to go on and buy it from you.

Introduce a Game To The Process

Following on from the above, another strategy that you could use is to add a game to the sign-in process. A technique that’s not often used and yet can be very effective, by offering a game it gives customers something to do while they wait, as well as the opportunity to win a prize – such as a coupon.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the power of social WiFi marketing is clear. However, it’s only as effective as you make it. Therefore, if it’s something that you want to implement within your business, you need to be aware of the ins and outs of it, along with the benefits and ways in which you can diversify your marketing. As more and more businesses start to utilise it, however, it’s also vital that you compare and contrast your methods alongside your competitors. You don’t want to offer a lengthy sign-in process that turns customers away. You want an exciting and streamlined one that allows them to access the WiFi quickly, whilst providing your business with key data.

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