Social Wifi Marketing

Social WiFi marketing allows your customers to benefit from easily accessible free WiFi at your place of business and which can help you retain more loyal customers. ​

What is Social WiFi Marketing?

Over the last few years, you may have noticed that when you visit some business venues and log on to their free WiFi service, you suddenly start receiving promotional content from that business and their partners. This is known as Social WiFi marketing.

Social WiFi marketing is an ingenious new method for brick and mortar businesses to target their customers directly through WiFi marketing. This is a great solution for physical businesses that do not have access to fancy digital marketing campaigns or analytical tools to target their customers.

How Does Social WiFi Marketing Work?

Customers sign in to your free Wifi using their social media account like Facebook or Instagram with just one click. Once they provide this information, you will then gain access to a wealth of information about your customers which can be utilized to create marketing material aimed directly for them.​

Here is how it works:

  • 1. Encourage Customers to Use Your Free WiFi
    When customers visit your business your WiFi password should be displayed proudly in large letters across a wall. You can also think of creative ways to display the password by including it on your menu, print on their receipt or simply require your employees to advise customers of your free WiFi service. To further encourage customers to join your hotspot you could incentivize them to do so with free gifts, percentage off or exclusive offers.
  • 2. They Sign In
    When your customers attempt to join your free WiFi they will come to a splash page. This should encourage them to join via Facebook as this is the best social media platform to gather their personal details that can be used as part of a marketing strategy.
  • 3. Access to Information
    Once customers have signed in using Facebook you will then get access to a plethora of their details including behavioral information, likes, demographic data, how many times they visit your business, what they enjoy and when they like to enjoy it.
  • 4. Social WiFi Marketing Can Begin
    The information you have gathered from their sign in can now be used to create effective new marketing materials that are most likely to appeal to them. This can be in the form of special offers, giveaways, promotions or access to loyalty programs.

How Can We Help You Get Social Wifi Marketing To Benefit Your Business?

Social WiFi marketing allows your customers to benefit from easily accessible free WiFi at your place of business and which can help you retain more loyal customers.

While you may think this type of marketing is invasive to your customer’s privacy, this really depends on how you use their information. Sending them regular promotions that are genuinely in their interest and useful to them will only further strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.

Sending them promotional content that is annoying, repetitive, not useful or not of any real value to your customers may have a negative impact. It’s important to always ensure you are adding value to your customers.

However, when you do send your customers interesting and useful promotions that they enjoy using, you will find that word spreads quickly and those customers may return with friends helping to boost your business and increase sales.​

Social WiFi marketing will help your business to increase your brand presence, get to know your customers, grow your CRM system, and build long-lasting valuable relationships.