Paid search marketing

Getting your business to rank high on Google on a continuous basis takes a much longer time to reap the benefits than paid search marketing does.

As a business owner, it’s likely you are aware of the term SEO. However, you may not understand how it works or how essential it is to the success of your business.

Paid search marketing allows us to enhance your business website so that Google starts to not only recognize your business but start to rank it higher for people’s searches. Think about any time you have used Google to look for something you need. At the top of your search, there are a number of businesses and they are most likely the websites you clicked on to find what you were looking for.

This is the aim of paid search marketing, to be at the top of Google visible to those looking for your type of product or service.

How can this benefit your business?

  • Superior Targeting
    The internet is huge, with millions of people searching for the things they need all day long. All your prospective customers are out there, but how are they going to arrive at your particular website and how can you be sure they are the type of people that will actually buy your product or service? Paid search marketing allows us to find customers that would be genuinely interested in your business. We can even use goals such as increasing awareness, selling more products or expanding your email list. Google allows paid marketing campaigns to seek out the exact type of people that are the most likely to engage with your particular business. By targeting your audience you can make sure you are not wasting any money appearing to anyone that wouldn’t be interested. This helps make your marketing more efficient with better results.
  • Quick Results
    Getting your business to rank high on Google on a continuous basis takes a much longer time to reap the benefits than paid search marketing does. While working towards a higher ranking is incredibly important, paid search marketing allows you to achieve short-term goals and quickly. For example, if you have a specific product launch and you want to make some quick sales, a paid search marketing campaign can ensure you get the visibility you need and create sales immediately.
  • Flexibility
    Paid search marketing is easily optimized. This means we can analyze the ongoing results of the paid campaign and tweak when necessary to further improve the results. This might include changing the ad copy, using different keywords and changing the landing page. This flexibility allows us to redesign the campaign in real time so that we can keep tweaking it until we find the most successful combination that leads to the most clicks, the best visibility or that which converts to sales.
  • Save Money
    When it comes to paid search marketing you will only pay when someone clicks your link which means you won’t be wasting money paying for impressions on users that have no intention of buying your product. Therefore, paid search marketing is much more cost-effective. You can also benefit from not having a minimum spending requirement, so, if you’re a smaller company trying to juggle a limited budget we can still put together an effective campaign specifically for you.