Email Marketing

You may be wondering what email marketing is? How is it done? and why is it so effective? Well then you've come to the right place. In fact, below, we will answer every single one of these questions.

Why does email marketing work?

Email Marketing is simply marketing that is done over the platform of email. Email marketing works so well for many reasons. Nearly everyone checks their emails at least once a day, which gives your email a good chance of being seen. Additionally, email marketing does not usually pose the same risks as other forms of online marketing, such as social media. After all, if your social media accounts go down, you are still able to reach your clients.

Email marketing is a wonderful way to get into direct contact with the people most interested in your product.

Email list

  • Let Prestige Media Group assist in building your email list with solid warm leads. Your list is the foundation for success, for even the best emails may struggle to convert.

    Do not buy email lists from other businesses or brokers. Be sure that you only send to clients that have opted into your email list. Otherwise you will be sending spam, which can actually do way more harm than good for your company's reputation.


  • Next, be sure that your emails are as relevant as possible to the needs of the individuals you do send them to. After all, no one wants to log into their inbox to discover hundreds of emails that have no relevance to them.

    With that in mind, use the client's name in the email opener. You may also wish to group certain types of clients together, and send them mails more specialized to their interests.

Get your email opened

  • Finally, the last hurdle that you will need to overcome in email marketing is making sure that your mail is opened. In fact, this can be quite a challenge. Although you will be pleased to hear that we do have some strategies that help to optimize your chances.

    The times of the day that you send your emails has to be right. Email marketing automation can help. Let’s get smart about avoiding the spambots. These are only a few principles that we here at Prestige Media use to capture the most clients with your email marketing.